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All students have 1:1 tutoring.

- Match on a first-come-first-served basis considering age, occupation, and gender.

Hobby, Travel,
Whatever you're interested in,
Go Go!
one grade
a semester
Japanese Language Proficiency Test

JLPT Quick Training Class


* College prep students trying to enter a Japanese university
*Job hunters seeking employment at Japanese companies
*Applicants for foreign language qualification for promotion

Study formal Japanese used in the  community!

Business Special Class

*How to greet Japanese customers at work
*How to contact Japanese companies?
*How to talk to Japanese people in formal situations?

Class Schedule
  • Weekdays morning & afternoon
    Japanese Life and Hobbies
  • Tue&Thu / Mon&Wed&Fri
    JLPT Quick Training
  • Sunday night
    Business Class
일본어 Liquer

(사진 = Juri Pozzi /

Tuition fees,
registration information

The lesson hours will be revised little by little to meet the needs of the students each semester, so please contact us directly. (If more than 4 people gather, you can open a new class and choose the preferring class day and time)


If you make the following registration card, you can save time in the registration process.

Tuition fee   ㅣ7,000 yen / 月 (Textbooks sold separately)(tax included) - 1 hour a week

Entrance feeㅣ5,000 yen(Only the first time)

1) If a minor registers for the course, one parent will receive a one-month free course certificate.
2) If a friend introduced by the student registers for the course, the student who introduces the student will receive a one-month free course certificate.
3) Students' families are exempt from the admission fee.
4) All students (including their family and friends) have free access to the CSL Cafe Lounge.
Daily Conversation Class
once a week | 12 weeks course

It is an essential course if you live in Japan. You will learn various life terms and conversations for shopping and relationships.
Entrance exam preparation class
once a week | 12 weeks course | JLPT

This is a course to prepare for admission to a Japanese university. Improve scores while solving past questions and manage score through mock tests.
Book Club
once a week | 12 weeks course

This is a discussion class reading Japanese books. Choose books considering your level, age, and interest. You can develop not only Japanese skills, but also your ability to think in Japanese.

One-on-one Chatter Class
once a week | 10 weeks course 7000 yen for 10 classes

You do not participate in group classes, but one-on-one free talking with your tutor. You will meet 10 times in total while freely adjusting the day and time of the class. Talk on a fixed topic, but you can also chat freely beside the textbook.

Trial Lesson
Feel free to experience your concerned class. You can choose any course, but you can participate only three classes in total (limited to subjects opened at the time of the application). CSL will call you if you fill out the following application form in advance. After consultation, we will let you know the date of the trial lesson.

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