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    Starting from 2018、
    English became a compulsory subject

            from the third grade of elementary school.


Entrance Exam


Official language​

ㅣ As well as reading and writing, listening and speaking tests will be added.

ㅣ Speaking will be added to reading, writing, and listening.

English is increasingly designated as the official language in companies.

​ㅣ 80% of the world's information is in English.

No matter how high your English test score is,

it is useless if you can't speak it.

Shall we start with CSL now?

야외 연구 그룹
학교 갈 준비

Book Club

Elementary school students ~ adults
Once a week | 50 minutes

It's a discussion class about an English book. Classes are divided according to students' level and age. Consult with teachers, and choose a book according to the topic you are interested in. In addition to English conversation skills, you can also develop the ability to think in English.

E-book library used by

98% of U.S. school teachers


  e-books, audio books, and videos are available!
   (you can share it with your family)

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어린 학생들
손 올리기


Preschool ~ Elementary
Once a week | 50 minutes

Phonics Learn the alphabet as the first step of English. Knowing how to pronounce the alphabet, you can read the words aloud. Also, you can have simple conversations and practice pronunciation like a native speaker.

Story You will learn speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In particular, you can read and understand books and pronounce like characters in books. 

이론 준비 아이콘

You can study while playing games!

Enjoy studying English online every day

(from seescp's website)

1:1  Free Talking

Junior high school students ~ Adults
Once a week | 50 minutes

1:1 free talk with your tutor without a group class. Sometimes it matches with native speakers overseas online. You will have 10 classes, freely adjusting the day and time of the meeting. Basically, you will talk about one topic each week, but you can also chat freely without being bound by textbook. After 10 times of encounter, you will be matched with another people and have 10 meetings again. Chat with a variety of native speakers.

온라인 과외
친절한 대화

Watch anytime, anywhere


1) If a minor enrolls in the course, one of the parents will receive a one-month free certificate.

2) If a friend introduced by the student registers for the course, the student who introduced the student will receive a free one-month course certificate.

3) The student's family is exempt from the admission fee.

4) All participants (including the family and friends of the participants) are free to use the CSL Cafe Lounge.

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