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Which foreign language is the fastest and easiest for Japanese to learn?
It's in

Korean has the same word order as Japanese, so it is possible to communicate even if you just arrange the words.


    저   지금   학교   가요.

    私    今     学校   行きます。

Also, since there are postpositions like in Japanese, you can make a perfect sentence by just adding them next to the words.

    저   지금   학교   가요.

        今     学校   行きます。

For adults,
If you study for an hour, you will be able to read.
If you study for two hours, you will be able to talk while displaying the vocabulary list.
From the third hours, you can have a conversation just by memorizing a lot of vocabularies.

Why don't we start with

CSright away?

아이들은 성경을 읽는다.

Korean class for children

4 years old - 3rd grade of elementary school
Once a week | 50 minutes

Studies Korean alphabets in detail. After three months, children will be able to read Korean characters. As they become able to read the letters, they will be also able to memorize vocabularies faster, and speak Korean quickly.

Be an international child,
speaking Japanese/English/Korean freely!
야외 연구 그룹

Regular Class

4th grade of elementary school - Adults
Once a week | 50 minutes

In the regular class, lessons are offered step by step, from basic to pronunciation, grammar, and conversation, depending on the level of the learner.

교육 책 Bookshelfs


Introduction - Beginning(TOPIK level 1~2)


Recommended for those who are new to Korean or those who want to learn from the beginning.

The textbook is well structured with the knowledge accumulated over 10 years. Therefore, grammar, conversation, words, and composition can be learned simultaneously.
You can master basic grammar just at the beginning class.




Intermediate(TOPIK level 2~4)

You can learn higher level of grammar, such as sentence patterns, idiomatic expressions, and exceptional expressions. This class focuses on communication.
Along with this class, you can also take classes such as drama class and K-pop.

비즈니스 대화


Advanced・Business Level

(TOPIK level 4~6)

You don't need a textbook in this class. You can improve your speaking skills by writing, discussing, and presenting in various themes.




Junior High - Adult
Once a week | 50 minutes

Through the lines of the drama and the lyrics of K-pop, you can enjoy learning Korean culture as well as languages.

커피를 마시고 친구

Native pronunciation

Through the lines in the drama,

learn expressions used in actual conversation in native pronunciation.


Enjoy Korean culture

Le'ts aim to enjoy Korean fashion and culture without subtitles.


Korean Drama

Selects a drama suitable for learningTalk to your teacher about your favorite drama and enjoy studying!

콘서트에서 팬

With the lyrics of your favorite song

You can refresh from studying with textbooks if you study with your favorite singer's song.


Enjoy the song deeply!

Rather than studying the texts,

understand the meaning and nuance enables to enjoy the song deeply.

학생 쓰기

Firmly from the foundation

Learn from the basics to understand not only songs, but also interview videos. It can be parallel with other classes.


TOPIK preparation class

Junior high school to adults
Once a week | 50 minutes


To prepare for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea). Become familiar with problem types while solving past questions. You can raise one level at a time in each semester.

one step a month
Japanese Center Test - Foreign language



* Qualifications for Exemption from Foreign Language Subject in Center Examination and of the University Entrance Examination.

* Recognized as a foreign language proficiency qualification when getting a job.

* Accreditation of additional points for promotion

* Preparation for study abroad in Korea

TOPIK is the only Korean language test recognized and conducted by the Korean government(Ministry of Education). It standardizes the evaluation of Korean education, presents learning methods to Korean learners, and is implemented simultaneously in over 70 countries to spread Korean and to use test results for learning, studying abroad, employment, etc. The Korea Education Foundation is responsible for conducting tests in Japan.

Organizer: Ministry of Education, National Institute of International Education (NIIED)
Supervised by: Korea Education Foundation, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan

Starting in 2016, those who pass the sixth level of the Korean Language Proficiency Test were exempted from the Korean language course examination by an interpreter and guide (Japan Tourism Bureau).

비즈니스 미팅
비즈니스 미팅

Business class

Once a week | 50 minutes

Learn formal Korean accepted in the international community.

*How do you greet Korean customers at work?
*How do you contact Korean companies?
*How do you talk to a Korean you meet for the first time?

1:1 Talking class
Junior high school students ~ Adults
Once a week | 50 minutes

1:1 free talk with your tutor without a group class. Sometimes it matches with native speakers overseas online. You will have 10 classes, freely adjusting the day and time of the meeting. Basically, you will talk about one topic each week, but you can also chat freely without being bound by textbook. After 10 times of encounter, you will be matched with another people and have 10 meetings again. Chat with a variety of native speakers.

온라인 과외
친절한 대화

Watch anytime, anywhere!

1) If a minor enrolls in the course, one of the parents will receive a one-month free certificate.

2) If a friend introduced by the student registers for the course, the student who introduced the student will receive a free one-month course certificate.

3) The student's family is exempt from the admission fee.

4) All participants (including the family and friends of the participants) are free to use the CSL Cafe Lounge.
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